24 December 2010

day 23- something you crave for a lot

This one is hard. I mean there are of course the normal cravings that everyone has all the time--chocolate, pepperoni pizza, Guacachips, Jones Green Apple soda. But why are the cravings we always think about food? Surely we often have cravings for things that we don't shove in our mouth. I think the two non-food things that I crave the most are 1) Seeing my family and 2) Doing something new and creative.

I love my family and I do not like being 12 hours away from them all the time! I am so glad that they are here right now for the holidays-hopefully they aren't bored out of their minds in our tiny apartment.

We went to the basketball game last night--Go Cougs!!!
Even though I really love my major and think that everything I learn about is really intriguing, sometimes it does get a little boring memorizing cycle after cycle and metabolic process after metabolic process. And so I feel like I need to have a creative outlet. In the past, I've just taken music classes as GEs and taught myself new photoshop skills, but this Christmas break was a chance for me and Owen to do some fun crafty things that I've been looking forward to for a while :)

Here are our finished ornaments!
We also tackled the task of making about a million cake pops, which was quite the adventure! I think by the end of it, we got pretty good at it, but we were also super tired of making them by the end. We were so tired, we tried to trick our friends Ashley and Jordan into finishing off the last few after our dinner at the always marvelous Tucanos... We introduced them to SpeedRacer also, so hopefully it balanced out.

Here are some photos from our process. For only our second time making cake balls and first time w/ the pops, I think they turned out pretty good!

we made a HUGE mess with the sprinkles...

here they are chilling in the fridge

owen decorated some super adorable snowmen :)
Tomorrow is Christmas! YAY!

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  1. We had so much fun with you guys! And we loved the cake pops and Speedracer. Let's do it again sometime soon. Have a great holiday!