10 December 2010

day 9- something you're proud of in the past few days

Well I'm pretty proud of Owen for finishing his History of Creativity project despite the fact that he waited for forever to do it--at least the bobbleheads turned out absolutely adorable!

I'm proud of myself for getting a 94 of my microbiology midterm on the last day of class (torture) even though I had missed a class and had to memorize like a million antibiotics and how the whole immune system works basically.

I'm proud of myself for not totally flipping out and crying my head off when we got the bill for the car repair...and when I found out that All-Tune-and-Lube switched ownership over Thanksgiving break so our warranty doesn't exist anymore from the previous repair in January. That was cool.

Also last night we went to our Christmas dinners (yes the Math Department and Qualtrics schedule their dinners on the same night...) and sitting there listening to his "boss" person and I realized that I am totally proud of Owen working at Qualtrics! He was the first intern on the web engineer team and they do a lot of awesome stuff! Plus we got two sweet zipup hoodies and a new backpack at the dinner all w/ the Qualtrics logo on them. And yes we are matching today with the two hoodies. Cutest Couple 2010.



  1. Way to go, team!! History of Creativity is awesome. And Nice job on the 94! And I would NOT have stayed calm with all the car stuff, man! That's nuts! And we need a picture of the matching-ness :)

  2. I voted for you for cutest couple 2010.