09 December 2010

day 8- short term goals for this month and why

Well honesty, right now my biggest short term goal is to JUST SURVIVE THIS NEXT WEEK!

But to make this post a little longer while I wait for Owen to come home from work, here are the rest of our goals for this month:

1. Not die during finals. Why? Because they are going to be super hard but we need to keep our scholarships. And get good grades for grad school. And maybe learn a few things here and there.

2. Not have our car break down again. Why? Because we've had it go crazy for the last month and we FINALLY got it back today after much money and despair so hopefully it was worth it.

3. Work a lot. Why? Because we need to make some of that money back! And we like our jobs for the most part :)

4. Watch a lot of Psych. Why? Because all we have been doing is studying lately and we need to get some quality Psych time in after finals.

5. Get a Christmas tree ASAP. Why? Because it smells delicious and my family will be here soon and I want them to have a real tree for the holidays.

6. Plan some awesome stuff for my family to do while they are here. Why? To distract them from how annoying snow is usually.

7. Clean the house, take a nap, and do Pilates. Why? To relax please.

8. Gear ourselves up for next year. Why? Because we're not quite done with school yet! Or for a long time!

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