29 December 2010

day 29- in this past month, what have you learned

This past month I have definitely learned a lot. Since it was the end of the semester, I basically re-learned everything in my biochemistry class and tried to cram it in right before finals (and still pulled out with a B+ yeah!). I learned that trying to keep six people in one tiny basement apartment can be challenging and memorable. I learned that playing in the snow with my husband is way more fun than going to work. I learned that my little sister Lyvia is way better at French brainding than I am. I learned that I love Settlers of Catan (okay I guess I sort of already knew that). I learned that I was able to blog pretty much every day, which is pretty awesome and I hope to be able to continue it in the future!

Took my family up to the airport today :( And of COURSE it snowed a ton on our drive back. Thanks a lot Utah for not snowing while my family was here but then greeting us with a blizzard once they left.  Oh well. Still an awesome winter break if you ask me.

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