04 December 2010

day 3- a picture of you and your friends

camas friends
friends at wedding-i apologize for my exhausted appearance!
most recent friend picture taken last night at an ugly sweater christmas party.
its official--turtlenecks are NOT a good look for me!

Sorry you guys get mostly just pictures of me--Owen doesn't really have a ton of friend photos. I guess guys don't take pictures at every event they go to? Weird :) Anyway, I was able to scrounge up this pretty hilarious picture of Owen w/ his boys. Yeah I really have no idea what's going on here. 

Anyway, I was just stumbling around since right now I'm proctoring the Putnam Math Competition (yes this room is full to the brim with nerdiness), and I came across this painting. It is by a contemporary surrealist, Vladimir Kush and is title "Last Supper." Is it completely irreligious of me to sort of like this interpretation? I know it's not your traditional piece, but since this is a post on friendship, I think that it is kind of a lovely different take on the Last Supper, as our Savior was surrounded by his friends, the apostles. Hope you don't think I'm a sinner for liking it :) 

photo cred

Also, last night, Owen and I went to Christmas Around the World--it was great! BYU has so many really talented individuals. I totally recommend it for anyone who even remotely likes dancing and wants a fun cultural experience!


  1. your blog looks SOOO good!!!! love the Christmas decorations!! :)

  2. thank you!! wait until you see our apartment! okay first we have to get our tree, but after that it is going to be awesome!