03 December 2010

day 2- the meaning behind your blog name

Okay so I admit that this will probably be the most boring post of all time. I'm not sure if this means the domain name or the title at the top of the blog, but both are pretty self explanatory. Our names are Owen and Chelsey (thus the domain name), and since we are married now, we are the Hancocks (as seen in our superduper creative blog title).

If I was really creative, then I would probably come up with a cooler title for our blog, like the Hilarious Hancocks or The Coolest Couple of All Time blog, but for some reason, everything I come up with just doesn't seem quite right.

photo source
And since this is a really boring and short post, I'll add a funny picture to spice things up. This picture was from an ad campaign called "Life's Too Short for the Wrong Job." You should definitely click on the photo source link and check out the other ads--they are all very creative and funny. What a fantastic advertisement!

I have also determined my next travel destination thanks to a new fun fashion blog that I have discovered Sea of Shoes. Not only does this woman literally have a sea of shoes (truly amazing) and wear some pretty creative things, but she took some beautiful photos of her vacation to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (see photo to the right). Owen says the pictures of this city remind him of Brazil AND Mexico is a heck of a lot closer! Sounds like a trip to me :) 

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