28 December 2010

day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?


same pants & same pose
I know I'm cheating again by doing two posts, but I just thought that it would make so much more sense if I finished day 30 on December 30th. Plus I'm at work right now, and don't really want to work of course, so what else am I going to do?

I have changed so much since last year, it's insane. Some of the most life-changing events for me have occurred in the past year, and it kind of makes me hope that next year will be a tad more boring. I could deal with a little normality for a while.

First off, in the last year, I went from being Chelsey Barret to Chelsey Hancock. Talk about a huge change!

In the last year, I decided to challenge myself and pick up a music minor to expand my creativity.

This past year, my father passed away, and this has changed me in ways that I haven't even realized yet.

This year, I turned 20 and am now considered fully independent.

Other than that, pretty much nothing else has changed. I still am a planner fanatic, still pose in pictures the exact same way, still love my family to death even though sometimes we drive each other crazy, still am super competitive, still like wearing orange shoes, still like food way too much, and still love Beauty and the Beast. But as you can see, this past year has been one of most paramount years of my existence. I hope that next year will bring some good changes to my life, but nothing as dramatic please! :)

Also, can't wait to spend the rest of the day celebrating Quinn's 10th! Laser tag, here we come!!!


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