22 December 2010

day 20- someone you love

Yeah yeah so I didn't post yesterday...I apologize because I was so busy having THE MOST FUN DAY EVER!


So yesterday we woke up like normal, got ready to go to work and everything, and then walked out the front door to find a foot of snow on the ground.

It took us about thirty seconds to decide that this snow was WAY too good to spend all day indoors at work. So I called in to say I wouldn't be visiting the Math Department today, and then rushed back inside to go layer up!!

I've seriously never had so much fun playing in the snow. Snow in Washington is usually super wet, so it soaks through your clothing and you can't even build anything fun with it. The snow yesterday however, was absolutely perfect. We started out by making a gigantic snowman in our front yard, and of course, we had to give him a little personality.

We thought his face kind of ended up looking like Robin Williams as the genie from Aladdin, and the little kids across the street shouted, "Hey! We like your goblin!" We'll let you interpret this snow creature however you'd like. And  since there was a chance that this snow goon might just be an evil giant goblin, we decided that we probably ought to give him an army of snow minions.

As I was building the snow army, Owen did the manly duty of shoveling the driveway. But why just shovel the driveway into huge piles on the side of your driveway when instead you can build an awesome fort?

Unfortunately, no one came to challenge us to a snowball duel. But we would have been ready!

After going inside, warming up with some hot cocoa and a much-needed nap from all that work, we hit the stores looking for craft supplies. Owen is such a good sport about supporting my crafty endeavors, even if it means going to Hobby Lobby AND using a coupon.

We spent the rest of the day baking cake for a delicious winter treat we shall finish today and then cutting out, baking, and painting homemade salt clay ornaments. It was so fun!

I forgot to take a picture of the final projects because it was super late last night by the time we finished, but I promise to post them soon--they look awesome!

And so for today's post on someone I love, I am going to have to go with my wonderful and awesome husband, Mr. Owen McKay. Even though he was sick yesterday, he went ahead with all my crazy ideas and was so much fun. I love hanging out with my husband! I always say I have no idea why people think you get better grades once you are married because when Owen and I are together, homework is the last thing we want to do! Tomorrow was just a wonderful reminder of why I married this fantastic man, and of how I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him and see what other adventures we will create.


  1. Chelsea! You're snow creature (goblin) looks amazing! :] great teamwork!

  2. thanks! sadly his head fell off the next morning...but it was still fun!