19 December 2010

day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have

Man, it is hard to limit this all to one post! Somehow my parents drilled into my brain as a child the importance of making goals and always having dreams. So I have a lot! I'll try to pare it down a little bit:

- I plan to go to pharmacy school after graduation.
- I plan to always make family the highest priority in my life.
- I plan to let Owen study this year instead of trying to convince him to watch Psych.
- I plan to join BYU's gamelan this semester and learn Balinese music.
- I plan to have about four children and experience the interesting world of parenting with my awesome husband.

- One day, I want to live in a house with either a wonderful library, stately study, awesome home theater, in-home gym, or outdoor pool or any combination of the aforementioned features
- One day, I want to donate enough money to the church to build a temple!
- One day, I want to be self-motivated enough to exercise regularly.
- One day, I want to go to New York, London, Rome, Sydney, and Paris.
- One day, I want to take a Disney cruise with my whole family!

- To finish my undergraduate degree at BYU and maintain my scholarship.
- To develop more meaningful scripture study habits.
- To stay in contact with the people who have been a part of my life.
- To shadow a pharmacist in the local area.
- To show more gratitude and work on having a positive attitude.
- To reach outside of myself and make new friends.
- To serve others, and to make it a part of my everyday life.
- To not feel rushed and to focus on the important things.

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