18 December 2010

day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

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This one is easy. Though I would definitely only want to switch for one day, and then immediately get back to my awesome normal life with my family and Owen.

But if it was only for one day, I would definitely want to live one day in the life of Blair Waldorf. Okay, go ahead and mock me Owen.

She is a powerful independent woman and she always looks fabulous. She always manages to look a little trendy while still staying totally classy. Not to mention her hair is always perfect. She is witty and definitely knows how to get what she wants. I'd probably have to modest-ify some of her outfits and withhold from some of her sometimes questionable activities, but other than than, I think it would be a blast. And I wouldn't mind going shopping for a day with her credit card and snagging a few items from her closet!

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