17 December 2010

day 16- another picture of yourself

Here is a picture of me teaching yoga to my FHE group this past spring. 

I've decided that it is pretty hard for me to find a picture of just myself! I always want to pose with another person, and all the pictures of just me, I'm usually making a face because I think it's funny to look ridiculous in a picture?

Anyway, sorry for no interesting posts lately--it was finals week which meant all I did was study my brains out and then the past two days all I've done is work (data entry...ughh...) and been sick. Just a runny nose/congestion, but man was I grateful for Nyquil last night. No wonder they make good money--that stuff works! 


  1. I did yoga with a girl at work last week. I will openly admit that it was way harder than I expected. I will also admit that I have the poise and balance of a crane despite being about as limber as your average grandmother.

  2. haha Wes I'm glad you are able to admit that yoga was a challenge! All of the boys in my group were like, "What? You have to touch your toes?" Congrats on the new experience and Owen says he misses you (in the most platonic way of course)