04 November 2010

TT Numero Cuatro

 So I couldn't think of just one thing to be especially thankful for today so I am going to make a thankful list....Here it goes!

I am grateful for:
--my new purple-grey nail polish and how it never chips!--our super comfortable bed that we got a SUPER good deal on at this pretty sketchy place--blogs--the chemistry computer lab--BYU--research, even though I complain about it all the time--staples--my new watch and how I always know the time now!--OWEN MCKAY HANCOCK--Pixar and the awesome movies they produce (we just saw Toy Story 3 and it was phenomenal)--comfy shirts and shoes--Devynne taking me out to lunch on campus--water--Gmail and how it keeps my life totally organized--my planner, how it takes care of everything Google can't--my family and how I will see them soon!--the fact that there are only 44 more days in this semester--my genetics class--federal grants--wikipedia--milk--cereal--toothpaste and floss--the fact that our heater finally works now!--the apple pie I was able to make last night for the very first time (hopefully it didn't get ruined over night due to a silly move by yours truly...)--my job--online window shopping--online TV shows--5 subject notebooks--purple pens--braids--hand sanitizer--chocolate--pretty things--flowers--microscopes--strawberries--my fabulous family--being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (hopefully my Mormon.org profile will be reviewed and ready to go soon!!!)--the color orange--

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