08 November 2010

Monday Blahs

Okay I admit that I am feeling a lack of inspiration towards blogging right now, but I think it is because my brain is full of this right now:

I'm putting off my biochemistry test for just one more day, and can only think about glucose metabolism until tomorrow evening. But I really wanted to blog so that I could show off the new signature I made for our blog! In any case, this weekend was pretty cool--Friday we checked out the awesome new store Hobby Lobby (a decor and crafts wonderland!) and then Saturday, I went to a Diwali Festival of Lights celebration which wasn't really as cool as the one I went to last year. But maybe World Music Cultures is kind of making me an authentic music snob, so who knows. Anyway, this weekend I learned I love home decor and Owen learned he hates video games. Also, the tissue balls from my wedding were featured on Gossip Girl, which is awesome. If you are having a wedding any time soon, you should definitely give these super cute decorations a try! They are pretty easy and I included photo instructions here on the side--let me know if you want any other tissue ball tips! 

Also, I confess I've started listening to Christmas music...
(yeah, that's the new signature :) )

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