02 November 2010

yip yip yip yip...

As promised, here are photos of our awesome costumes from this year! In case you didn't have a childhood, we were the Yip-Yip aliens from Sesame Street! And yes, we made these awesome costumes by ourselves :) Fortunately it did not require too much craftsmanship--the instructions said that you could sew OR staple--awesome! So we stapled. All of the young kids at our ward's Halloween party loved us and parents asked if they could take pictures of their kids with us--I felt like we were characters at Disneyland! It was awesome. And we won the Best Couple Costume Award, which was pretty cool. I was a little bummed that we didn't win the Best Chili award because Owen made the chili the same way my Dad makes it and it was DEFINITELY the best chili there--it was so goooooood. I was so proud of Owen's chili-making skills, he's a natural! I'm super glad we saved 1/3rd of it for ourselves...It was pretty fun walking around bobbing our mouths up and down saying "Yip Yip Yip Yip...Uh huh, uh huh" but the most fun part was just seeing people's reactions to our costumes once they realized who we were. It was a fun shout-out to our childhood, and definitely a keeper costume for the future!
Owen was thirsty after all that chili
Me bobbing for apples


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