14 November 2010

Dream List

All of this Christmas music I have been listening to makes me feel like I need to get on top of my Christmas gift shopping--especially considering the fact that I was already done with all of it by this time last year! And instead of being productive in finding useful, meaningful gifts for people, I have discovered one dream tool--the Amazon Universal Wish List.
Wrong Amazon...
 It's great because no matter what website you are on, you can add a link and usually image of it to your one wish list! How convenient is that? I started making a wish list for myself, and trust me--some things on there are definitely a big Wish with a capital W. But that's what the holidays are for right? Online window shopping and daydreaming. Oh, and trying to finally memorize all of those diseases of the respiratory system...Next week, we'll be on our way to Washington! I cannot wait to see my family again! And also get away from this Utah snow! Anyway, here is the link to my wish list, in case you have bucket loads of money and just want to buy me something expensive hahahahaha. I'm so funny.


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