11 November 2010

Tis the season...if you ask me!

So I know that many may be opposed to this, but in my opinion, the holiday season has begun! I'm beginning to think that Canadians have got it right celebrating Thanksgiving in October--that way you have two whole months for Christmas! Plus October is way more harvest time anyway-in Utah, by Thanksgiving, it's already snowed a ton! And if there is snow outside, I am justified in listening to Christmas music gosh darn it! Unfortunately, the only bad part about starting holiday preparations means that I am oh-so-ready for this semester to be OVER! The good news is that I realized that I only have six more microbiology classes! It is almost over! Of course next semester looks to be just as busy and insane, but at least we will get Christmas in between!

Two of my favorite parts of the holiday season (aside from celebrating Christ's birth of course) = baking and shopping!! I know it's insane and a torturous tradition, but I love Black Friday. And this year I am going to be prepared. I found this website, and plan to use it religiously:

Also, I started off the baking season (again) with these delicious cupcakes--I know they may look like normal cupcakes, but they are actually Boston Cream Cupcakes. My favorite type of doughnut turned into a cupcake? Yes please. I found the recipe over here, and it required making cupcakes from scratch, which was definitely a first for me. I think they turned out pretty good. Though I'm pretty sure you could just cover normal SuperMoist cupcakes with chocolate and fill them with vanilla pudding and they would be just as good!

I apologize for the crummy photos--the screen of my camera broke so it makes it kind of hard to take decent photos...Potential Christmas present? ;)

Now turn on that Pandora Classical Christmas station and start getting ready for the holidays! I give you permission :) 

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  1. Hooray for the holidays! LAST Black Friday I was getting married, so I'm excited to get some shopping done! Also, I love that everytime I come to work after you, the Christmas Pandora station is on. :) Yipee!