01 November 2010


I feel like this quote is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. It has been so easy to get wrapped up in all of the little details and to freak about every little thing that seems to be going wrong and to think that it is going to RUIN THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!!! But really most things aren't that big of deal. For example, last night we went over to Owen's parents house for dinner and found out that somehow Owen's wisdom teeth (remember those traumatic stories?) were not covered by his insurance. And unfortunately, we are not currently at a point in our lives where we can just whip out $952 to cover something like that. Of course I was a little freaking out about it, and thought that Owen and I were destined to be poor forever and we would never be able to sustain a family and everything!!! Fortunately Owen was able to stop by the oral surgeon's office today and it turns out that they accidentally entered his information wrong and it should be fine (wish they had let us know ahead of time) and we won't have to live in a cardboard box after all.

But what is basically comes down to is that I need to remind myself that happiness is the key to life. I was having a particularly self-pitying week last week, and when Owen and I were reading scriptures on Thursday, we came across this verse from 2 Nephi:

"Therefore, acheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are bfree to cact for yourselves—to dchoose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life."

And how true it is. So my goal for this week is to choose to be happy--to not freak out about being five minutes late to genetics, to remain calm if there are still dirty dishes in the sink, to spend time helping Owen prepare for his Pixar internship interview tomorrow instead of reorganizing our closet again, and to not flip out while trying to study for biochemistry and microbiology. Because in five years, I won't care about that 78 I got on my first midterm...right? 


  1. Love that quote! Thanks for sharing the scripture too - I think we can all use a reminder like that once in awhile.
    And NO, you won't have a clue what you got on any midterms - unless you choose to make it more important than it is.

  2. Like the new header--are you going to change the sides?

  3. How come Owen never writes anything?