21 October 2010

TT Take 3

Two things I am totally thankful for today: chapstick and planners! As for the first, there is really nothing more satisfying than laying on a thick layer of trusty ol' Burt's Bees Lip Balm when your lips are feeling a bit parched. That tingling sensation and instant relief...there's nothing like it. I never really think about how much I am dependent upon chapstick until there is a day when I leave it at home. One time I left my chapstick at home and I was in such desperate need that Owen even went to the store and bought me some. What an awesome husband I have. I had a sports camp counselor who told me how she went a WHOLE summer without using chapstick, just so her lips would get used to it and she could stop wasting money on chapstick, and I think that is probably the saddest story I have ever heard. Who would willingly deprive themselves of the wonderful satisfaction that comes from Burt's Bees?

Last night I had a super freak out moment when I thought I had LOST MY PLANNER! Not only was I devastated, but I had no idea what I needed to get done last night (thus the cupcake post). I have no idea how I lived my life before I had a planner. I mean, they did train me to use a planner even since like 2nd grade, and I guess I didn't really have much to keep track of before that. The good news is that I had just left my planner in my office at work, and it will thankfully be restored to me today. The even better news is that it is nearing the end of the year (sort of) and thus it is (almost) Christmas season, which MEANS...it's time to start shopping for a new planner! Each year this is a huge event because my planner is something I carry with me day in and day out and something I heavily rely upon. Thus, I have to pick something that I'm going to be pleased to look at every day. Planners have to meet certain requirements for me. They need to have a space to write out a list every day, they need to have a hard cover, they need to have rings so I can lay it open flat, it has to be a year-long planner, not one of those silly August to August ones, and they need to be cute. Normally I just pick up the new edition of the same old planner that I get at Borders every year--pretty cute, but nothing too exciting. This year I think I want to branch out. I've been super envious of Vera Bradley's agenda line every year, and I am wondering if it is worth the $25 (plus shipping) investment. I mean, if you think about it, since I use my planner every day, that's only like spending seven cents a day in order to keep my life in perfect order. The only problem is, all of the designs are super cute! I can't decide which one. Here is the link so you can help me pick which agenda I should get:


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  1. On your agenda issue - the green and black one rocks! Close 2nd is the red and black one.