20 October 2010


So I was just about to write a super ranting post about a person who is driving me specifically crazy right now, and then I thought to myself--Wait a second. What if they read my blog? I could be writing all of these terrible things about them and then they would feel awful (though there are a few things they really could change!!) and I would have no idea! And then I realized something that I've kind of been pondering lately--blogs are not your journal. People can read them. I mean, for example, here is a post from a person who I've read some of their stuff, and I couldn't believe how abrupt it was!


I mean, sure it is a little funny, but what if Ruth was to read her blog!? And then we Facebook/blog-stalked some of the candidates for the new accountant position here in the Math Department, and this one girl was blogging about how she feels so overwhelmed and all of these other way too personal feelings for the internet. We didn't ask her for an interview. I think sometimes people forget that blogs are not your personal journal. Everyone can read them. So, let's have a little more common sense people. 

On another happier note, I had my first rendezvous with fondant tonight. Here are the erm....interesting cupcakes I made haha. Hey--it was my first try! :) Maybe I'll leave the cake making to my sister...


  1. Seriously so blessed is a parody blog, so thank goodness Ruth doesn't exsist! If you look on the side of the blog, there's reviews about the blog and it's writers. It better not be real, because I agree with you -- not PC for the internet! The cupcakes look awesome -- I'm sad I couldn't go!

  2. oh my gosh thank goodness! owen and I were so shocked--we were like "i can't believe these people are lds!" I still hold true to the "don't post all your deepest feelings" though--ask emily about the girl we looked up!

  3. hahah I'm sorry I didn't warn you that SeriouslySoBlessed was a joke... I thought you know! lol! my bad! You probably thought I was a terrible person for referring you to it! haha!

  4. I knew it was a joke as soon as I heard Justin Bieber--I mean really!! Mom