26 October 2010

Things I Love and Things I Don't

Things I Love:
New favorite thing to have Devynne buy me from the vending machine--and only 20 calories for the whole bottle! Much better than the cookies and cream milk....

Words cannot express our love for this show

New fashion blog I have spent my time adoring (don't worry, only when I'm at work). Love it because she does bargain tips AND she is a medical student! Perfect. 

Our love for Pixar has been renewed at the Animation Emphasis opening social. I am almost okay with the idea of Owen quitting his super awesome job at Qualtrics to pursue his dream. 
I was just thinking how I needed new brown shoes and these classics have become so hot lately--love them!

Snow here is making me miss my Washington home. Good thing Pixar Renderman is located in Seattle, maybe we'll end up back in the NW after all!
When my trusty Toshiba finally bites the dust, I think I'll give up the laptop thing and just go for one of these lovelies. I never use my computer except at home, and iMacs are so much more wonderful.

Things I Don't:
I do not care how comfortable or warm these things are, Uggs NEED to go. Even in the arctic Utah, there is no excuse.

Life would be so much more fun if I could just go to school and not have to take tests...

Don't take this wrong--I DO of course still love OPI, but what I don't love is my complete lack of selection. I tried to paint my nails on Sunday when I realized I only have like seven shades of pink. I really need to diversify, and pick up some more mature shades, like a neutral or a nice purple-grey color that is so cute right now. 

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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