14 October 2010

Avoid Awkwardness

I really ought to follow this: 

BUT-I finished my genetics and biochemistry exams and all of that other junk, so I'm feeling like I deserve a little break :) 

I think one day when I am rich, I would like to buy a nice camera. And I would like to take nice pictures for people. 

Like engagement pictures for example. Now, I am no professional, but I do have a few photoshop tricks up my sleeve, and I also have some common sense. Unlike the people who took these pictures.

Yes all of these pictures are actual pictures sent out with engagement announcements. Now, no matter how much you love fly fishing, sleeping in the ocean, or climbing up walls, this is unacceptable. When you send someone a wedding announcement, the first thing you want them to think is, "Oh they are going to have such cute babies!" not "Awkward." 

So for all of those of you who are thinking about marriage and don't want to embarrass yourself by your engagement picture, here are a few tips from yours truly that you can follow until I'm rich enough to buy a nice SLR camera. After that, you can just ask me to take your pictures :)

1. Make sure you can actually see your faces in the picture.
Yes, both of your faces. You might like that artsy look where he's blurred out and she's in front, but really, people just want to know what you look like. 

2. Wear dark, solid colors.
Unless you weigh like a hundred pounds or less, dark colors always look better, more slimming, and you'll thank me later. Also, you don't want whatever you are wearing to be distracting in the picture--remember, people want to see your faces.

3. Avoid distracting backgrounds.
See above comment. Just because that graffiti wall looks super cool and you think it will make you seem hip, doesn't mean that it is necessarily a good idea.

4. Know some poses.
Blog stalk like crazy and save images of engagement pictures that you like. Then you can do what I did--I printed them all out on a piece of paper and brought it with me. Then when you are there taking pictures, instead of wasting time thinking, "Okay, how should we stand this time?" you can just look at your cheat sheet and say, "Ooh! Let's do that one!" Some photographers may try to pose you, but make sure to know what poses you like and which ones you think look weird and unnatural.

5. Practice, practice, practice!
When Owen and I took our first round of pictures together, I thought we were doomed! It is always awkward for like the first half hour of taking pictures, so make sure you have plenty of time to take the pictures. Changing locations can also help, and even taking a lunch break or something in between can help you feel more comfortable. Know how to make each other laugh and relax, but try not to force it or make your photographer feel awkward:) Our goal is to avoid awkwardness.

And since it is Thursday, I just want to say that I am thankful for my friend Brooke and for her being willing to take my awesome engagement pictures! She was very patient with us and my crazy ideas and we had a blast taking the photos. You can check out our SWEET engagements over on our photo pages in the left column!
 Here's the one we actually used--notice the visible faces, dark simple clothes, simple background, awesome pose, and very natural smiles ;)



  1. wow Chelsey you look SO gorgeous in that photo! Also, I agree with your tips :)

  2. I HATE when you can't see their face. What's the point??