18 October 2010

Mom, Food, Shopping, and More!

This weekend, Owen and I were lucky enough to have a visit from none other than The Monica Barret aka my awesome mom! We had so much fun! She came by herself, no kids (they are coming to visit for Christmas!) so we were able to run around all day starting at 6:30 am and ending at 11 or later with no one complaining besides Devynne ;) We picked her up Thursday evening, and then got up at the crack of dawn Friday morning to enjoy some Kneaders $5 all you can eat French toast. Delicious. I could only down 4 pieces, but that's probably a good thing because we also went to the Cannon Center and Cafe Rio that day! Yeah we ate pretty dang well during the visit, though we definitely still have a huge list of places we need to hit up in December (Tucanos, the Mayan, Rumbi Grill, and so many more..) and also I need to go work out like right now. Anyway, after Kneaders, I went to work, and then mom came with me to my biochemistry class. She kept up well with the boring enzyme kinetics stuff we were learning--I was pretty proud! After class, I tortured her with a tour and explanation of my research lab, and then we went to the Bookstore and checked out some clothes and eyed the delicious fudge. We went on an awesome campus tour (you know, the ones in the golf carts) after that, which was SO fun. I couldn't believe how fast the driver rode around, I totally thought we would run into someone...We learned some cool stuff about campus, how awesome the new broadcasting building is, how part of Beauty and the Beast was made in the Brimhall building, how the testing center still says "Grant Library" engraved on the outside wall. After lunch we hung out at my place for a little while, then went to dinner, and then the Humor U show, which was pretty funny. I don't know though, don't tell anyone, but I might prefer Divine Comedy...I liked a few of the performers, some new guy and of course the illustrious Stephen Jones, but I wanted more BYU jokes! Maybe that's just me. Then Saturday morning we got up super early again to go get in line for the Lost and Found Sale! My mom loves garage sale, and this is like the ultimate garage sale, so I knew we had to go. We got there at 7:30ish, and I was glad we didn't get there any earlier or later. We totally scored--got 2 TI-84 calculators for $12 each, a cute new black coat, a couple water bottles, some USB drives, a $5 iPod shuffle, new goggles, and tons of other awesome stuff for WAY cheap! I almost accidentally won a video camera in the auction for $90 (wasn't paying attention...oops) but fortunately they didn't make me pay for it! Then we dropped off Owen to go take his test (poor guy) and went shopping! We hit up the mall, checked out this awesome scrapbooking store (oh how I wish I had the time or money...), and I realized something. I am in an awkward stage of clothing! I kept buying myself accessories (a new watch, wallet, etc.) and wondering why I couldn't find any clothes that I liked when I realized something. I am an in-betweener! I no longer want to wear juniors-style clothing, but I'm not old and boring enough to wear "misses" or whatever. So now I have no where to shop. Any store that is targeted towards people my age is either too skanky (Forever 21) or too expensive (Nordstrom). No wonder everything I own is basics! I bought myself a plain olive shirt from Downeast Basics, but it was just that-basic. I need some help. Any advice on where to shop?? Maybe I just need to spend more time looking around...if only I had time. At least I got a cute outfit for Owen! Totally a fun part about being married :) We went to the volleyball game that night and BYU whipped UNLV in 3  game which was awesome and then went to our favorite pizza Terra Mia and watched a little bit of Pysch to wrap up the evening. Sunday morning Owen and I woke up early and started madly writing the talks we were supposed to give in sacrament meeting that day when we got a call and were told that we actually didn't have to speak that day! I was pretty relieved, because that week had been way too busy to give the talk the time and effort it deserved, but was a little disappointed because I wanted to have my mom hear us speak. Oh well. We went to church, had a pretty awesome Isaiah lesson (it included turtle brownies!) and then went up to Owen's family's house for some delicious lasagna dinner. We also had to of course show off some of the wedding pictures my mom brought down, and I am so glad that now all of my hanging frames actually have pictures in them! Yay! So basically we had an awesome weekend that was way too short and didn't have enough sleep--I can't wait to go down to Washington for Thanksgiving and then for my family to come here for Christmas! 

A side note: For those of you who know my love of Sharpies, you can understand why I thought this was awesome!




  1. You can prefer Divine Comedy, I won't tell anyone :) Also, I think Shade is a good inbetween, nicer clothes but still don't look like your 40. But then again, I kind of dress like I'm 40. :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with 40!!!!!