10 October 2010

No More Studying Please

Yes I do have a genetics test tomorrow and biochemistry midterm on Wednesday and I need to finish up the trim in our apartment and I really ought to bake more things and clean up and put away the laundry and I really ought to tackle that six page biochem homework packet but what do I want to do instead? Blog. So here I am.

People are confusing. It is strange how some people change so much, and how some people stay exactly the same. Even people who were close to me, family members, can make such a 360 degree turnaround before you even realize what's happening. I like to think that over the years, I've stayed pretty true to my nature. Though I like to think that I've become a little nicer and more considerate of others, I still like to win everything, am an anal organizer, and always think I'm right, even though it's not always true.

I like playing Scrabble on Facebook instead of doing homework as well.

Too bad Facebook is banned at my work now :(

I really wish that more people I knew blogged or at least read and commented on blogs, since I can't go on Facebook at work anymore. I feel much more disconnected from people, which is so lame because I shouldn't have to rely on technology to stay in touch with people but sadly that is how the world is now and I fall into the trap of ever-encircling busyness and to-do lists.  Is busyness a word? Hmm it looks weird.

I really loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk on focusing on the fundamentals. Definitely something I need to work on. Next week...

I should read more. I thought about joining our ward's book group, but I would be too embarrassed if I didn't finish the book in time.

Also, I need to travel. Go somewhere and see something new. I love BYU and being here in Provo, but there's got to be more and I want to see it.

Okay enough of me talking. Sorry for this inconclusive and sporadic ramble of thoughts. Here is something fun to make up for it:



  1. You are great. I love your blogging. And the comic, so true :)

  2. Haha thanks! :) I let Owen grow a beard the summer before he got married since we lived in different states--it was pretty hilarious