01 August 2010

Our Trip in Pictures

Finally, as promised, we have some pictures from our fabulous vacation in Seaside. What the trip lacked in sunny weather, we made up in quality family time, fun downtown excursions, and hilarious memories. I think the trip was a much needed break for many of us, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to have my family meet Owen before the wedding. And the good news is--he still wants to marry me! Woohoo! Here are some snapshots from our time on the beach:

Riding the prom bikes--definitely was an experience when we let Lyvia drive!

Aunt Sara and Allyson threw a family bridal shower for me, and it was so fun having all the little cousins dress me and Owen up! :)

Mixin' up the tradition with some Tillamook ice cream instead!

The fam at the cheese factory--more exciting than you would have thought!

We couldn't resist...

At a hilarious hat shop in downtown Seaside

Riding the carousel at Carousel Mall. "You're never too old or too young to ride a carousel!"

I cant' believe Owen actually won something at the salt water taffy shop! Lucky!

I think I will be staying away from motorcycles for a while--even the arcade ones were too much for me to handle!

On the Tilt-a-Whirl--before we got all nauseous...

My personal favorite event--this is right before I rammed Lyvia! This is what real driving should be like!


  1. Actually, that IS what driving is like with Chelsey....

  2. It's "nauseated" not "nauseous."