25 July 2010


Holy cow there are only eighteen days left until THE DAY! There still is so much to do and so much to plan!! I'm trying not to freak out about everything and just enjoy the process but I admit there is a little bit of freaking out at this stage!!

Fortunately I was able to take a little break from all of the wedding madness and help Quinn out with a project for Scout Camp. For camp, they are supposed to bring 10 decorated clothespins in order to trade with some of the other boys. This year the theme is safari, so we decided to decorate the clothespins as jungle animals. I admit I am pretty proud of what we made--I think they look great! I secretly don't want Quinn to trade any with the other boys...

In case you can't tell what they are, on the top row we have a toucan, monkey, hippo, parrot, and lion, and then on the bottom we have a zebra, giraffe, elephant, tiger, and crocodile. Oh yeah. Hopefully you like them as much as I do!

I hope to upload some more pictures from the family reunion as soon as I can, and I will share more stories about that soon!

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