18 July 2010

Awesome week

It is official! I have just finished the most awesome week of my life! Seriously, it was awesome. After seeing Chelsey for the first time in months, right after I got off the airplaine, I finally realized how much I missed her. Even if we did have a mis-communication after I got off the plane, I was so excited to see her that I got all worked up. I tried to hide the tears from her, and I'm sure she didn't see me ;) Rather than go through all the events of the week, for they were many, I want to tell you my favorite parts of the trip.
First of all, I love Chelsey's family. Her immediate family especially, but her whole family in general is just awesome. I loved every moment I spent with them. They were warming, kind, friendly, fun and just plain awesome! It seemed almost second nature for them to pull me in and make me feel like part of the family. I could tell that each one loved each other and were grateful for the time they had to spend together.
Secondly, I loved spending time with Chelsey's immediate family. They are awesome and I really feel like they care about me like my own parents. I love them, and I am excited to have them as part of my family now. I appreciate all of the teasing, even though it was quite a bit less this time? I'm wondering if Chelsey made some sort of threat or something. Card games were a blast, and I enjoyed learning Rook even though I am not very good at it. I loved playing in the sand with the girls, and jumping over the waves. I loved riding bikes with Quinn and playing Dominion (even though I called it Domination :) I loved joking with Mike and playing curses with him (who is especially funny. Who knew?). I throughly enjoyed Monica's frantic demeanor when anyone but herself is driving the car, and I enjoyed being her teammate for rook. And Chelsey, where to start? Well, my favorite time with her was probably the long walk we had on the beach . Mostly in silence, just enjoying being where we were with each other. And lets not forget finding kites with each other in the garage ;)
Thirdly, I enjoyed seaside. What a fun place to be! I was a bit skeptical of the little tourist town at the beginning, but with the houses so close to the ocean, and the awesome arcade, and who can forget the bumper cars and bicycles? Well, lets just say I'll be coming back for more.
Looking back on last week, I am filled with emotions. I am extremely happy that I got to spend that time with Chelsey's family. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for placing such a beautiful, wonderful woman in front of me who has such an incredible family. I feel like I really lucked out with this one, and I know more than ever that Chelsey is the woman I want to marry and spend the rest of forever with. I love you Chelsey!

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