10 June 2010

This Weekend

So, this weekend is going to be insane but also AWESOME! I am so excited, and instead of packing, I am going to blog instead! Woohoo! Here is the itinerary of scheduled events:

6:40 am: Have my wonderful and loving fiancee drive me to the airport. Then he will go back to Provo and get his wisdom teeth out! Yikes! Good luck Owen!
8:40 am: Fly from Salt Lake City to Portland!
9:50 am: Arrive in Portland
10:00 am: Get to enjoy my dad's new AWESOME restaurant in the PDX airport. I can't wait! I'm totally going to get a Waffalata cone--mmmm delicious...Here is a picture of the interior--doesn't it look awesome?

5:00 pm: Go sit in line for Devynne's graduation--lines are fun!
7:00 pm: Let the Commencement Ceremony begin! Can't wait to hear my little sis speak--I can't believe she's graduating already...

Early early in the morning: Wake up, get lookin' good, and drive to Seattle!
11:00 am: Aubrey's wedding! I am so excited for her!
12:30 pm: Photo sesh with the new bride! :)
1:00 pm: Family lunch oh yeaah
2:30 pm: Maybe a little shopping in Seattle?
6:oo pm: Aubrey's reception! It's going to be beautiful!
7:00 pm: Greet people as they come to the reception and force them to sign the guestbook bwahahahahaha..Charm them into leaving wonderful memories and messages for the newlyweds
8:15 pm: BYE AUBREY AND SCOTT!!! Have fun! Tell me where you went once you get back! I can't believe Scott is keeping the whole thing a secret--that would kill me!
9:00 pm: Drive home exhausted :)

10:00 am: Sleep in. Oh yeah.
1:00 pm: Go to church. Face many old primary teachers who will want to talk to me about our wedding. Smile through many congratulations while also trying to get a little gospel in there if possible.
4:30 pm: Head back to the airport and fly to Salt Lake. Try to study for finals on the plane! Or maybe just take a nap :)

I'm so excited to go home this weekend and be part of two very special moments of two very special people in my life. Thank you SO much Aubrey for making this weekend possible--I am so excited for you and Scott!

The Happy Couple :) I can't wait!

Hopefully I'll come back from this weekend with lots of pictures and good stories, and hopefully Owen will survive the weekend with two less teeth and not too much pain!

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  1. You're blog is so cute!! I love it :) Have fun at home this weekend!!

    P.S. Your dad's restuarant looks amazing!! I want to go!