20 August 2014


We went to a concert. It had Grouplove and Portugal. The Man. I like Grouplove, and they were very fun. The other band was a little weird, not really my style, and we left a tiny early because the people behind us were getting very high and the smells was making me want to throw up. Good times! 

I let Owen dress me because he thought that we needed to look hipster to fit in. How hipster do we look?

The singer of Grouplove wears VERY large shirts. The largest one we had was a Chex Mix shirt. Is it ironic? We hoped so. 

"Is this how hipsters pose?"

Told ya. Pajama shirt territory. Owen wouldn't let me dye his hair blue :( 

Plaid on plaid is good, right? Also, you have no idea how much work it took for my hair to get that "I didn't do anything to my hair" look. 

This was my first outdoor concert in a while, and I forgot there is definitely a way to DO outdoor concerts. Some people had quite the spread. But I think next time I will bring a breathing mask, just in case... 

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