22 August 2014


We went to Lavender Days, at the Young Living Lavender Farm, since that seemed like a suitable opportunity to frolic in some lavender fields. Apparently, it is also one of the country's only live jousting tournaments as well. What an unexpected and medieval surprise! 

Well, now we can say we've been to one! We even got to sit up in the special high seats, where normally the queen and stuff would sit. 

The lavender was much shorter and less frolic-y than I thought....guess I will have to go to Provence or something to fulfill that odd dream...still, a very interesting experience with a whole lot of people who all seemed to know each other. Guess the lavender community is small?

Then we went to the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant - definitely a fun experience and great performance! The Manti temple is so beautiful - I wish someone I knew would get married there! 

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