11 April 2013


Yeah, commuting up to Salt Lake City every day is a real pain. It's pretty far, and early classes make for verrrrry early mornings. But I gotta admit, taking the FrontRunner train is 1083094825x better than the bus was! It's impossible to sleep on the train (for me at least), which I was a little mad about at first, but I can definitely be a lot more productive and study more than the bus allowed for. They even have these little tables at some of the seats where I can spread out all of my study materials on the afternoon ride home (mornings are usually too crowded) and it's a great hour to get some work done. They even have power outlets! I wish it was a little bit closer to school (it takes nearly as long to get from the train station to the hospital as it does to get from Provo to SLC!), but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? 

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