15 April 2013


Well, we can check another one off the Utah bucket list -- on Saturday we took my two international exchange student mentees (Laura from Colombia and Lucie from France) out to Antelope Island. We've actually never been there - it's a pretty far drive from Provo, but it was pretty fun to see. There wasn't really much to do on the island besides lots of hiking, and it was SUPER windy and not all that warm, so we just did two small hikes and saw the Great Salt Lake from pretty high up. Yep, the lake is pretty darn huge. It almost made me feel like I was at the beach since the air smelled so salty, but mostly it just made me more excited to visit the Oregon coast this summer. Also I saw a buffalo for the first time in my life - they are so HUGE!!! We were able to drive our car right up next to one, and it was definitely bigger than our little Prius. I was a little terrified, but it was mostly awesome. They probably just thought we were annoying. No antelope were spotted however.

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