14 August 2012


photo borrowed from Tim & Megan
In a moment of confusion and brain loss, I somehow agreed that I would go with Owen to see the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. It's no surprise to many of you that I am not the biggest Batman fan, and I've also decided that I'm way too old to go to midnight premieres on nights where I have to be a real human being the next day (excluding Harry Potter movies, obvs). But alas, we found ourselves at the Wynnsong theater the night TDKR opened, and sadly, it lived up to all my preconceived notions of terror. It was more violent than I thought it would be, there were few characters who I actually liked (Bane = couldn't understand him half the time and had no sympathy for him, Catwoman = emotionless and superficial, Miranda = just seemed to sleep with Bruce Wayne to get advantage of him), and I just could not get over how many people they showed dying on screen! Not my favorite thing to watch for three hours...

I'm not anti-Batman (the character). I think his costume is cool, his "disguised" voice is funny, he has sweet gadgets that make him heroic even though he is a normal guy, and I'd love to visit the Batcave or ride in the Batmobile. But I just wish that we could see more of this side of Batman (or even just more Batman in general) than watch a mindless villain kill thousands of people without any sign of remorse. I mean, where were the kick-butt high-tech tools when Batman got beat up by Bane?

The best part about this movie to me was trying to picture Bane eating a sandwich.


On another note, I'd recommend checking out this movie --- we thought it was very interesting and thought-provoking. Plus the little girl was an incredible actress!

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