15 August 2012


I know I'm totally going all out of order with these posts, but I think we can all deal with it :) While I was at home, we went to the Beaches Cruisin' so I could take some pictures for mom for work. I've never been, so it was fun to see all of the cars, and to go to my first ever drag race! If I ever did any race car driving, drag racing looks the best because it's just a straight line - less crashing! Quinn also took a turn on the bouncy velcro wall - the whole suit was velcro and you run and jump onto the wall where you can get stuck! It was hilarious and tons of fun to watch. I'm not the biggest car fan, but we had a great time! 


  1. oh my word! jordan would LOVE LOVE LOVE this! i think we will need to plan a vacation around this event.

    1. Well they actually do it every Wednesday in Portland during the summer! As long as it's not raining of course... :)