11 July 2012


After our miraculous road trip, I got to spend a week with my family at home in the PNW. I love being home. The clean air and beautiful trees and general feeling I get when back in Washington revitalizes me like nothing else. It was wonderful to get to help around the house and be a part of my family's routine for a week while back home. I even drove with Lyvia and had her parallel park! I hope some day we can live closer to them and be a bigger part of their lives. Even though I missed Owen a ton, it was great to be there and to celebrate my birthday in Washington - Owen would have had to work all day any way since it was a weekday, so it worked out great! 

One of my favorite places along the Columbian
Sneaking around the house to deliver a super awesome birthday present - complete with Godzilla and sparklers

Having too much fun with Facetime...

Hanging out in Seaside and general looking-awesomeness

Oh that Seaside wind

We were so cold; I think it got to our brains

America's Next Top Model poses

Crumping on the beach

Seaside-style sand castles
Teaching Devynne the "booty tooch"

She was trying so hard....

Quinn loved all his sisters' poses

Quinn kicking my trash at the race car game

So intense

We bought the bacon one for a bacon-obsessed family friend...Seriously, buffalo wing?!?

Letting out our aggression

We saw these super cute twins all over the place- always dressed identically. So cute!

My first ever elephant ear

Quinn did a great job entertaining us on the ferris wheel

It wouldn't be Seaside without salt water taffy

Dear Mom, this is what you get for making goofy faces in all my pictures

Back home, Quinn received an awesome award for courage at Dorothy Fox!

His name will go on a plaque in the school forever and ever and ever

Quinn showing off his courage by attempting to climb up this giant metal bull

Birthday dinner at The Screen Door -- remind me to work on my posture!

Birthday Banoffee Pie - absolutely delicious

I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks!