11 May 2012


I'm not sure if you've heard, but Owen and I graduated recently. Oh yeah! We all know that I am one for making things a much bigger deal than they really are, so of course I made everyone do ALL of the graduation stuff. They loved it.


Anyway, my mom and grandma flew out for graduation week, which was awesome. We of course stuffed ourselves to the brim, trying tons of new restaurants for my website. Much shopping and walking around and waiting in lines was also involved. We all grew to absolutely abhor the Marriott Center seats and their complete lack of leg room. And I've never been a crazier Utah-esque driver than when I was driving us all around Utah Valley!

Here are some shots from graduation. My mother still hasn't sent me the ones of my side of the fam yet, so...something to look forward to...

Closed-eyed cousins (it's genetic)

friends from Camas - way back then!

Owen + his BFF

Co-worker and fellow graduate

I don't really know what those white sashes are for, but as we were walking up to convocation, I found one of the ground. We tried looking around to find the person who may have lost it, but after 15 minutes of mindless observing, I decided just to keep it! Hey, it looked cool, right?

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