04 January 2012

Are You Resolute?

Do you make New Years Resolutions?

I used to be an absolute die-hard about these bad boys, and would make a list of 15-25 resolutions I swore I would work on throughout the year. Some were successful, many were not. But there is something in my inner being that loves to make goals and set plans. So I can't decide this year. Right now I'm kind of turned off making a list of goals, but I'll probably end up doing to by tomorrow anyway. We'll see.

But one thing we definitely are going to work on trying to eat better and exercise more regularly. This always seems to be something to work on, but we have a deadline of April 23rd where we better be looking good so there is a lot more motivation this time! (more information on that deadline coming soon...)

We're starting out the year with a sort of cleanse to try to rid our bodies of all the horrible toxins and sugars and everything we've exposed it to these last couple of weeks (we're looking at you Cheetos, Martinellis, and Reese's). I wanted to do something effective but not something super scary/weird/dangerous, so Owen and I are going vegan for a week.

So far, it's been...hungry. But you can do anything for a week, right? Right. Last night I made a spicy quinoa-black bean-avocado-pineapple salad thing, and tonight we're doing something with brown rice. Not quite sure what it will be, but I'm going to try. I think we'll be able to make it for the week, but I've decided that people who do vegan for their whole life must be super dedicated, and a little crazy. Most of the vegan recipes I find online have a million impossibly weird ingredients (Xantham gum? Chickpea flour?? Wheatberry?) and take a million times longer to cook than normal food. I guess that's why it's healthy or something. I don't think I could be vegan for life because anything that is spelled "Cheez" just kind of freaks me out...Plus breakfast is super hard! Is there anything to eat when vegan besides oatmeal in the mornings? Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Wish us luck! 


  1. Try these, or something similar:

    You do have flax seed on hand, right?

    Personally, I can eat rice&beans any time of day; if only other people in my family would! (Admittedly, I enjoy it more with cheese.)

    Here's one that looked particularly good; you could leave off the chicken, and use veggie broth.


  2. Ok, so all the time I tell Chris we should try being vegan for a week, and then we talk about it for a second and decide it's too hard and decide to just eat less treats or something vague like that. So what I'm saying is, good work, and let me know how it all goes down!