13 December 2011

free AND christmas?! i'm in.

Welp, one final down and only three-ish (really one-ish) more to go! Took my pathophysiology final last night where I had to know over 300 diseases, and managed to do fairly decent, so yay! Now I just have to memorize 176 drugs for Thursday, and we'll be in business. 

Since I am currently in the anti-studying mode, and think that you all should be too, I have something to share with you! 

Because who doesn't love free Christmas music! All you have to do is go to this website, and you can download the whole album for free! Or you can just listen to it online if you want. I've already downloaded Vol. 1 and 2 onto my Kindle, so now Owen can be happy that we have other Christmas music besides the She & Him Christmas album to listen to in the car (though I would be satisfied with just that album for a long long time!) 

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