02 November 2011

We Thank Thee

...for a prophet! Yay!

I love going to BYU. Yesterday we were lucky enough to get a visit and message from our dear prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. I love being able to hear the words of our church leaders, and yesterday was no exception. His love for us was tangible in the room, and I was comforted by his encouraging words.

“Remember who you are. You are a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father. … Live in such a way that you are an example of the believers and a true light to the world. … May this be your blessing as you nurture your testimony and as you follow the example set for you and for all of us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the true light which lighteth every man and woman that cometh into the world.”

The one problem though about hearing the words of our prophet at BYU is the competition for a seat! Man, it was crazy! Since I have gamelan at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, Owen selflessly waited outside of the Marriott Center in line -- in the rain! What a wonderful husband. Then he switched off with Devynne because he had class at 9:30, and we were let in at 9:30. Devynne said it was a crazy rush down the Marriott stairs to get the best seat, but we still were able to make it in the middle section, row 18 -- awesome! We were saving a seat for Owen since his class technically went until 10:45, but people were starting to get antsy and pushy. So this was my solution:

Sorry it's a crummy picture taken on my phone, and then I took a picture of it on my computer, but hopefully you get the idea. I put my backpack on the chair we were saving for Owen and I put my coat over the backpack so it looked like a person. It was hilarious! And no one bugged me about saving a seat anymore! Awesome.

Plus, Pres. Monson brought in The Lion King, which always makes everything better!


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  1. Chelsey, I just really like you =) That is brilliant to put a "dummy" in the seat to save it! I'll have to use that idea sometime =)