17 October 2011

Mom Weekend

This weekend, we had an early Parents Weekend and my mom came down to visit! It was a super crazy and super awesome weekend full of lots of food, awkward photos, and apparently thumbs up...? Anyway, here are some pictures so you can feel like you were right there with us!

Thursday night we went to the Red Iguana for dinner. We were so full we didn't dare take any pictures because we could hardly move and would probably explode. The Tacos don Ramon were just as greasy and perfect as I remembered...mmmmmm...

Friday morning Mom came with us to our Greek and Roman class where our teacher was GONE (boo) and we had our super boring TA teach us instead. Snooooooze. Then I took Mom of a tour of all my cool places on campus.

First we went to the gamelan room and I showed off our sweet instruments

Then I took her to my research lab and showed off my cool tank that I built for my cute little fishies. Couldn't convince her (or myself) to go into the tarantula room...scary!!

For lunch on Friday, we went to JDAWGS!!! I can't get over how good they are, and this is coming from the #1 Hotdog Hater. We even bought a bottle of the famed Special Sauce, but then Mom realized she can't take more than 3 fl. oz on the plane...oops! We also went to the Awful Waffle and got some crepes and waffles for dessert. I got the "European Specaloos" spread on my crepe which supposedly can only be found in Europe, but I've got some news for you people -- they sell it at Winco but it's really called biscoff spread. And we bought some. 

First awkward thumbs-up of the trip.

Then we went on a hike! Tried to work off some of those calories....yeah....Anyway, we went on the Buffalo Peak trail, which apparently no one else has heard of. Not really a surprise because the trailhead wasn't marked and we only found it because Owen looked at a picture and saw that the trail started with a little crack between a fence. We drove up practically the whole mountain (which was really scary in our not-so-dependable car and there were lots of rocks) and then hiked up the rest to the top of the peak! Go Mom for conquering her fear of heights and getting to the top with us! It was awesome! And really quiet since there was no one else around, which was pretty cool.

Yay we made it! Lots of pretty fall leaves on the hike!

It was also sunset when we were hiking, which was pretty to see.

And Mom made us kiss in front of the sunset so she could try to get a cool picture. Let's just say I'm glad we never have to take engagement pictures again...

Then we went to Brick Oven for dinner after our hike. Had to go to this classic BYU establishment and get their homemade rootbeer...mmm...I obviously was very interested in how cheesy everything was.


And behold, the Sasquatch. Yes, this is a secret menu item at Brick Oven and it is the bomb.com. Seriously so good. Remember how they have a recipe where they heat up two cookies and put ice cream on it? Well this has two oven-heated cookies with a BROWNIE IN THE MIDDLE. Yeah baby. And you have to ask it with a smirk and a wink.

We also made cinnamon pie this weekend. If you are awesome and have seen the Dual Spires episode of Psych, then you know what I am talking about. And let me tell you, Shawn and Gus were not exaggerating it's deliciousness.

Saturday morning we went to the BYU Lost and Found Sale. No pictures because you aren't allowed to bring any bags in, but let me tell you, we totally scored. More details to come on this awesomeness soon.

Lunch = Tucanos (and more thumbs up). I really have no idea how we survived all of the food this weekend. 

We had to exercise after, and also show off Owen's new bowtie that we got for 1.25 at the Lost and Found Sale. 

Saturday night we went to ComedySportz. Owen was the only one who had been there before, so we were all surprised by what a great time we had! Definitely better than Humor U, and we loved the one guy who could sing super well! 

Then things started getting a little crazy... 

"What am I doing holding this dye?!?!?"

Notice anything different? 

Thanks for a great weekend Mom and we can't wait to see you again! Though I may need all the way until Christmas time to make up for all the food we ate..........


  1. Hurray for Mom visits!! Looks like you guys had fun! And I used to live right behind JDawgs...so dangerous! Love it. And we the three restaurants I miss from Utah: Tucanos, Brick Oven, and Zupas. Glad you guys had a fun time! :)

  2. Walked 9 miles with Miriam this morning--still need to work them calories off!