03 September 2011

stayin' in

Man, what a week. Owen and I had all sorts of grandiose plans for last night, but when we got home, we realized how exhausted we both were and decided to stay in for the night. We tried to go to the soccer game, but Owen left his sports pass at home and apparently by the time we got there it was standing room only, so we decided to give up on that little notion. Instead, we did what all good married couples do when they're staying in for the night - make a pie and build a fort.

This is the best pie ever. Chocolate chip cookie pie. So rich. So heavenly. So bad for you probably. But so good too. Bake it immediately please. But on the other hand, maybe you shouldn't because you'll never go back to normal pies or cookies again... (here's the recipe in case you're interested!)

Like my sign? I tried to emulate my faves Calvin & Hobbes in the design. I hope you all are enjoying my lovely skull and crossbones and spelling.

Clever design, no? Making a fort was a lot easier in my dorm room with the three squares inches of space. Now that we actually have a living room where people can walk through without bumping in to each other it is a little harder, but I think we made it work quite nicely. Also, I hope you're checking out that sweet quilt inside that my aunt made -- it's awesome!

Speaking of Calvin and Hobbes, Owen is reading the new book we bought right now. I have never heard anyone laugh out loud so much, I should record this, it's hilarious. I wish that Bill Watterson would right more comics...oh please oh please oh please oh please!

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