09 September 2011

I Am Not Dead Yet

You probably think I am dead now or something because I haven't blogged in forever, but alas, I am not dead yet! (Spamalot, anyone?) I thought the first week of classes was crazy, but don't worry, this week was crazy too! This week was Pre-Pharmacy Club week for me -- we had the annoying Involvapalooza that I was guilted in to doing and then our first club meeting as well! Though it was super hot during the club fair, and I forgot to print out handouts to get everyone's email, and I was a super stress freak all week, it is over! Yay! And now I can get back to more important things like blogging and looking at food blogs and stuff like that. Blogs. Anyway. sorry that there are no pictures again today. I'm technically on the clock TAing for MMBIO 222 right now and talking on the phone and my camera is at home, so I am full of excuses. But I promise to blog about all the super fun things that we did on Labor Day instead of doing homework or cleaning our house. Maybe today. Who knows. It took us until yesterday to clean up our fort, so you can see how things have been a little nut-so. PLUS we had an organization activity for RS on Tuesday that I think made me more stressed out than before because I realized how much I have to do this semester! 5 midterms in one class, 4 midterms in another, 4 required concert attendances, and more...yikes! But if there is one thing that I have learned now that I am a senior at BYU (still can't believe it...) is that I can do hard things! This semester may be crazy and I may get less sleep than I would ideally like, but I can do it!

And now, a little ridiculousness for your day:


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