26 September 2011

On the Bandwagon

Reasons why today I'll be jumping on the "Mondays are the worst" bandwagon:

  • Woke up with the sorest throat, which somehow throughout the day has progressed into "leaky faucet nose." And it's barely into the first week of fall!
  • My potentially broken toe that happened today during dance class. As if learning contemporary dance isn't awkward enough, try doing it with a potentially broken toe that causes you to walk funny but you don't want to seem like a wimp so you keep going anyway. And then you have your husband come pick you up in the car from campus.
  • Said husband also has to work late tonight on something to do with bugs and fixing them. Which is sad because that means he's not here to kill at the dumb bugs that keep flying around out house! And because I will miss him. 
  • Had my third voice lesson today and STILL HAVE NOT SANG A SINGLE NOTE! All that stress and agony over the weekend for nothing........grrrrrrrr.........
  • Trying to eat a super awesome dinner of pita chips and hummus and all that's left is little itsy bitsy pita crumbs.
  • Gossip Girl season premiere tonight and guess who doesn't have the CW? Me (well, any type of TV) or my sister. 
  • Forgot my power cord today and realized what a useless drone I am without my precious machine. I didn't even bring paper with me onto campus. Good grief. 

Boo hoo for me. Hope you Mondays is filled with lots more sunshine and rainbows than mine.


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