26 September 2011

Off the Bandwagon

Reasons why I need to get off the "Mondays are Lame" bandwagon:

  • The new Pandora website is super cool! I know this may seem lame to get excited about, but with all of the other changes on Facebook and BYU's website that are super confusing and seem soooo unnecessary, it's nice to see a change that actually looks like an improvement.
  • Since I'm weird, I haven't brought any tissues over to the living room where I'm "doing homework" so every time I need to blow my nose, I have to get up and walk to the bathroom. This counts as exercise, right?
  • None of the members of my Pathophysiology study group had taken the exam yet, so we cancelled and I got to go home an hour early! 
  • No roommates = no need to wear pants all the time around the house
  • Nyquil. Thank goodness for it. I am so looking forward to 9:00 when I can swallow a cup of that and get zonked out for the rest of the night. Now that I'm married, going to bed at 9 is totally acceptable, right?
  • I switched out our fake candle in the living room to the "Hot Wassail" scent. Hello fall in my living room, thank you very much.
  • Every paper I've written for school so far this semester has taken me less than an hour. With Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter open at the same time. Not bad.
  • Husband is home now! And he brought me pizza. What a great guy. 
  • The term "checkerboard chick" Go Hairspray.
  • If I did break my toe, at least I'll no longer be a wimp who's never broken a bone before. So that's good. 


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