24 May 2011

Crafty Inspiration

Here are some glimpses at some DIY/craft projects I've been interested in/completed recently!

Remember that chevron rug that I was adoring over at UO? How about a tutorial on how to make my own! Definitely want to give this a try as soon as we move into our new place. 

An adorable button monogram that I made for an upcoming baby shower! (I would post a photo of my own, but I don't want to give away the surprise!) 

Remember the pompoms I had at my wedding? I think these would be such a cute soft little addition to my kitchen or who knows where...really I just think they are adorable but have no idea where I would put them...

I clearly have a thing for hanging orbs. I would put a few of these outside by our new back "patio"/porch thing to create a lovely romantic summer atmosphere.

How incredibly gorgeous would this unique wreath look on our front door?? And the best part is that it is completely DIY and alive! I may need to start taking more walks to local parks and searching for succulents! (anyone know of any good places?)

A super super simple idea to brighten up an everyday, usually boring space. This easy DIY will probably be one of my first projects in our new place!

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  1. That succulent wreath could be genetically enhanced attack intruders!