26 April 2011

spring has sprung!

Sorry for the hiatus from posting, things have been pretty crazy around here! I thought that the three days between winter and spring term would be a break--HA! But at least Devynne is all moved in to her new apartment, we finally went grocery shopping, and Owen has shorts for spring. Phew! 

Last night for FHE we decided to paint and listen to General Conference on YouTube. Owen's mom gave me  this cute little birdhouse for Easter, and I decided that it needed a little more color, so I added the speckled top and flowers around the base. Maybe we will get hummingbirds!

We also painted the pots where my cute little herbs are growing. I got the plain pots from a RS activity where we planted these herbs (come on fresh basil!) and thought that the plants would be much happier in a more decorated home. As you can see, my adorable little plants are growing quite nicely. I am shocked that they get enough sunlight in our underground home!

Guess which are mine and which are Owen's....
First day of spring classes today--easy peasy. My physiology lab doesn't start until Friday, so all I had was New Testament with Devynne today and then we went to the gym and I biked home. Not bad for a first day of school I'll say.

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