19 April 2011

A Quick One

So I was just perusing through foodgawker.com while waiting for Owen to come home from work for dinner when I saw a recipe who's subtitle was this--

"Perfect for those leftover Oreos!"

Do people really have leftover Oreos? I don't seem to understand that concept.

Only one more final left and two more days of work in the Math Department--hallelujah! Today was filled with excellent news; I found out that people can get Pell grants during spring term (awesome!) aaaaaaaaaaandddd I found out that I got the job at the pool! WOOO! I am so excited to be doing something active and fun and useful this summer instead of just sitting on my bum and blogging all day :)

1 comment:

  1. Very excited for you! I know I wasn't effusive on the phone--I was being distracted by food!! Congratulations on the job and the Pell! And no, I don't understand the concept of leftover Oreos!!!!