06 February 2011

come on sunshine

sunglasses: f21, earrings: kohls, shirt: kohls, skirt: ?, tights: gift, shoes: charlotte russe
I bought these sunglasses like two weeks ago, and ever since I bought them, it has absolutely refused to be sunny. Come on Utah! You are famous for freezing temperatures with bright sunshines!

So yesterday and today, there have been like fifteen minutes of sun total and I have insisted on wearing my sunglasses at all times we are in the car. I love them and CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SUMMER TIME!

Dear Summer, Please Come Quickly...Love, Chelsey

Side Note: Valentine's Day and Owen's Birthday are coming soon! Must come up with gift ideas for my man! Unfortunately, I have bought two different gifts and he guessed them both, so I had to return them. What kind of super-guessing machine did I marry?

Today, I am grateful that my husband still loves me even though I totally smell like shallots and don't want to shower until tomorrow. What a nice guy :)



  1. Spencer is also an incredible guesser. You must remember, if they really wanted to be surprised, they wouldn't guess!

    Or, you can go with the totally devious option. For Christmas, Spencer got 5 Rubbermaid bins, each packed with newspaper which had a small gift hidden in it. He didn't guess any of them (except the bins, of course). I didn't wrap the bins; he'd know what they are anyway!

  2. I also have bought him things, removed the contents from the box (hidden them carefully), and wrapped the empty box. And then he guesses that he's getting an empty box! Completely accurate, and completely unhelpful.

  3. So glad I found another Kohls lover! Cute shirt! I'm actually the problem-maker when it comes to gifts in my house. I bought my guy's v-day gift last week and insisted he open it the day it came! I have no patience :)

  4. Love this sophisticated and classy look. I don't own any leopard print, but I think I am going to have to find something soon. You just can't go wrong with the print.

  5. that looks a lot like a skirt that i have! That shirt is just so sassy!

  6. Very chic! Love the sunnies! xoxo Kiki