12 January 2011

Computer-y Stuff

Yeah baby! I am posting this at HOME! Wooo! Yes that means we have internet, and all thanks to the husband's firm words with Veracity today--thank you Owen!! And just to show you how excited I am to be posting this at home, I for some reason decided to post a picture and lovely description of our "workspace" (yeah, not calling this corner an office quite yet). We got this new giganto monitor the other day because Qualtrics was selling all of their old monitors for super cheap, and I figured, well, my husband IS a computer science major and everything, so probably having one extra monitor is bound to happen, right? My friend Emily's husband is in Information Systems, and she said that they have like 7 extra monitors. So I'm good with one. Plus I started realizing how BIG my photos would appear in Photoshop and how much fun I could have with photo editing...and then I remembered that my camera is broken. Awesome. It is actually really hard to focus on things when you can't see them on the screen (thus the not-so-perfect photo above). So one day, when our car stops breaking down and we have money, I will be in the market for a new camera. I think that will be a summer goal. That way I have all summer to play around with it until I become a pro!

Oh, and also Owen did his first blog post for his class today! He's going to kill me for linking to it, especially since he's not done with any of the blog design, but in case you like reading about computer-y things (I think it's pretty cute), you can find it here!

Today, I am grateful for yams. With a little olive oil, kosher salt, and cinnamon, it was such a delicious dinner. And no, I am not always grateful for food. I am also grateful for going swimming today. 

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