22 January 2011

our landlord hates us

There really is no other explanation.


Why else would he agree to let the LOUDEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE live upstairs?

Man, we had it so good when Jen and Brady. I wish they were back now.

They have at least two kids, and it sounds like a tortured kindergarten classroom upstairs right now.

We can hear every step, squeal, scuffle, trip, door slam, stomp, toilet lid slam, shuffle, fall, cupboard slam, spoken word, shouted word...everything. And it has been going on all day.

I don't even want to be in my house right now. If only we didn't have school or have to study or anything. I would leave my house all day long and only return to sleep.

But probably that will even be torture. Tonight is the first night with them, and I am predicting we will vicariously experience the sleeplessness of parenthood.

Anyone know of a good place to move?

why couldn't they move in upstairs?

Today I am grateful for earplugs, headphones, a loud heater, and ibuprofen.


  1. ah hahahahaha. sorry i'm laughing about the wishful thinking and i feel bad about the noisy neighbors. it's really saying something if you're wishing for the old ones back.

    also, have you decided on whether or not you're going to do the remix?

  2. I think I am going to do it! I've already started gathering some of my pieces together, and I think that the 30 days of no shopping will actually be good for me...Also, the good news is that apparently the kids are from a previous marriage, so they will only be here every other weekend!