07 December 2010

day 6- favorite superhero and why

As I am sure you can tell from his video, Owen is totally a fan of superheroes. Which was why I was surprised that it took him so long to come up with an answer when I asked who his favorite superhero was. He said that it is a three-way tie between
Captain America
Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
and Thor
Lucky for him, there are movies coming out soon about both Thor AND Captain America! I'm personally excited for the Captain America one--the photo I put up there is a copy of movie poster from IMDB--doesn't it look awesome? Plus a pretty hot guy is playing Captain America (way more attractive than the Thor actor).

Belle was my personal hero as a child. I'm of course a huge Disney fan, and Belle is not only super pretty, but she is way nice, smart/likes to read a lot, and is pretty funny. If they made Belle dresses in my size, I would totally be her for Halloween every year. 

Also, no good news on the car yet :( AAAAHHHHH!!!! When is someone going to invent teleportation???

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